NoteBefore cleaning the printer, be sure to turn off the power and disconnect thepower cord. Extended setup options Autoscroll modeThe Autoscroll function automatically advances the paper to the tear off position when no dataexists in the communication buffer and no new data is received for a period of 1 second. The print head position can be adjusted to accommodate printing on single andmultipart forms. Specially it is useful when switching from fanfold paper to singlesheet paper. DARK 3 , max, thickness 0. This is the preferred path since itis the most efficient paper feed path.

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OUT lamp lightsincorrectlyxxPaper detect sensor may be damaged. See page 15 3. Large number of fonts, bar code printing and up to 6 duplicates.

Seiko Group Printer BP User Guide |

Most of printer’s setup options can be accessed and changed through seikksha command sequence. In addition, this mode serves toredefine the font type, character spacing, and other parameters for the printer’s currentoperating conditions.

Ignores the CTS signal Press the ENTER key torestore the factory setting in all setup options, Otherwise; press any other key to cancel thisoption. Control panel and operationsTearing off a form Used only with fanfold paper This function is activated by the TEAR OFF key and feeds fanfold paper so that theperforation is aligned with the paper cutter located at the top rear of the printer, thus enablingsimple paper tearing.

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Centronics parallel and RSC serial, automatic interface selection. When CODE is selected, the line feed spacing can be changed by a software command. Raise the paper rack to the vertical position and adjust the leftpaper guide e to the proper position for the size of the paper beingused.

Printer Ribbon for SEIKOSHA BP 6000/9000

Basic setup optionsAbout basic setup optionsThe setup options serve to define various initial states of the printer that are executed when thepower is turned on or when the RESET key is pressed. Page 6 Data length. PivotRear CoverxOpen the rear cover from thebottom edge and pull it toward thebottom to remove. NoteBefore cleaning the printer, be sure to turn off b; power and disconnect thepower cord.

Seiko Precision BP-6000 18pin dot Mátrix RS232 LPT1 Nyomtató

See “Connecting the power cord” on page Set barcode typeThis function selects a type of bar code. Manually move the print head to the extreme right side of the printer for easy installation of theribbon. Default font in a draft printing Extended setup options Line feed spacingOne of the line feed spacing seijosha from either 6, 8, or 9 line per inch LPI is selected.

Maintenance Printer cover removal GuidePrinter CoverxOpen the front cover to an uprightposition, then lift and remove thecover.

Paper management is further enhanced by the printers’ Intelligent Label Mode, which b; labels from peeling off.

Place the paper rack in uprightposition for single cut sheet paperand lay it down for fanfoldRear Top Covercontinuous paper.

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Control panel and operationsPaper parkingThis function moves fanfold paper back to the push tractor position park station so that singlesheet paper can be used.

Page 4 This manual is for the following two models of the printer. When cleaning the platen, power may be required. Extended setup options Set italic character styleThis function simply selects all print output to be in italic character style. Blown fuse in the printer.

Page 8 Unpacking the printerUnpacking the printerM. TroubleshootingIf an error occurs during printing, you will get several warnings. Extended setup options Enable barcode commandThis function enables the printer to accept the bar cord command and to print the bar cordaccordingly.

The pin BP from Seiko Precision is a high-performance state -of-the-art dot matrix printer and suitable for fanfold paper, cut sheets, envelopes, labels and multiple forms.

Load the single cut sheet paper or fanfoldpaper. Slide both paper guide to thePivotsextreme left and right edges of theGroovepaper rack. To increase versatility even further, the BP has a push tractor for fanfold paper at the rear and optionally a pull tractor or a cut sheet feeder expandable by ASF E for top-feeding operation.