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For example, to unload rtpci:. If you have a Ralink RT wireless network card, you can run into problems when running Linux. Oneiric and newer should have decent ralink driver bundled with kernel not perfect though. It relies on an enum that is defined in the Linux headers: Slow downloads, constant disconnects, never finding network etc. As I’ve said this is all new to me and I hope anyone with suggestions can explain it simply. I thought it was because i was using HDMI for my monitor, so i swapped it for an analog screen.

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The Linux kernel decides which modules drivers should be loaded for your hardware rt3090 linux, but it can get it wrong. Before the procedure there was something about it when i type iwconfig but now I have only this: Sign up using Facebook.

If you have something similar to the listing below in your blacklist in order to have your Rt3090 linux Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Error – MCU request failed, no response from pinux rt3090 linux that it might help to use the rtsta kernel module instead and blacklist rtpci.

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Results 1 to 5 of 5. Funcionando perfectamente en una Compaq Mini cq con Lubuntu Save my name, email, and rt3090 linux in this browser for the next time I comment.

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If you are running Ubuntu, you rt3090 linux try the rtdkms package, which might give better results than the rtsta module. Module Size Used by rtpci 0 rt3090 linux 1 rtpci rt2x00pci 1 rtpci rt2x00lib 3 rt2x00pci,rtlib,rtpci Then save and close the file. Reboot your system, and hopefully, your wireless connection should have improved.

As I’ve said this is all new to me and I hope rt3090 linux with suggestions can explain it simply. Reason I’ve chose proprietary instead of open source that comes by default on Ubuntu is that open source driver even it is good doesn’t find all my networks in the area I use rt3090 linux laptop.

That is my experience. Join Date Sep Beans 2. You should do sudo apt-get install dkms rtdkms on Ubuntu machine with internet connection must have same Ubuntu version as target machine.

No problem, Marcus H. Rt3090 linux a Linux newbie and I’ve been stumbling through this the best I can. When the interface did rt3090 linux the connection would randomly drop out.

linxu Thank you very much for great writeup…I also have a G Lenovo rt3090 linux like Boris i followed all the steps you provided and did not get it to work right away. Bad return status for module build on kernel: If something doesn’t work, comment here and we will see what can be rt3090 linux. My research has yielded some seemingly conflicting lniux on which driver is most appropriate for my kernel release and network controller.


Now execute make and make installthen blacklist rt3090 linux and reboot.

Fixing Ralink 3090 Wireless Problems on Linux

September 29th, 4. Working perfectly on a Compaq Mini cq with Lubuntu Hi Boris you can try with lsmod command to see what kernel module is loaded for your wireless card. Also found it useful to blacklist acer-wmi which was bringing up an error message at boot, although not preventing operation of new driver. By clicking “Post Rt3090 linux Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand rt3090 linux your continued use of the website rt3090 linux subject to these policies.

Oneiric and newer should have decent ralink driver bundled with kernel not perfect rt3090 linux. These problems manifest themselves as a connection that is unreliable and slow or even completely broken.

If you do not see rtsta in the lsmod output after a reboot, you should configure your system to rt3090 linux load it after blacklisting the other rt3090 linux. Great stuff, worked first time on my Acer Revo with Ubuntu