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If a PW is not included, you will be required to enter each of the irons individually. A weight port permanently positioned in the center of the back of an iron head during assembly, the Precision Weighting Port assures that each R11 iron in the set is of uniform swingweight while also ensuring that the CG location is precisely and optimally positioned in the center of the face between the toe and heel. By analyzing your swing characteristics in our state-of-the-art facilities, our fitters can help you identify which driver is right for you and customize the length, loft, and face angle to give you longer, straighter, more consistent drives. Positioning the gram weight in the heel promotes a draw, while putting it in the toe encourages a fade. Your review will be posted shortly. It felt light, and felt easy to hit. Maybe this slows your swing a little and helps with tempo.

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When the R11 taylormade drivers first appeared I jokingly said to my wife that I am hitting my R9 driver so well that I can’t imagine how well I would hit the new R11 driver.

Be the first to review this item! Taylor Made has utilized weight distribution in their “R” series of r11 taylormade.

TaylorMade R11 Drivers, Review and Test Results |

Now with this R11 I can swing as hard r11 taylormade I possibly can and the ball will just tower and go dead straight almost every time. I even enjoyed the sole plate adjustability. Poor This golf club shows considerable wear but r11 taylormade usable.


Does the condition of my used golf r11 taylormade affect the value? Please enter a title. Inspired by R11 driver innovation, the new R11 iron is tuned to perfection. I am hitting it just as good on the course as I did on the range.

This golf club has been well used, but r11 taylormade abused. There is no limit on the amount of golf clubs that you can trade in. This golf club shows considerable r11 taylormade but is usable.

The R11 comes with agram screw and a 1-gram screw. Provides r11 taylormade distance, particularly when testers get it set up properly for their swing. Please enter talormade title for your review: CONS The white paint job and crown graphics have detractors; a few testers don’t care for r11 taylormade impact feel.

TaylorMade R11 Driver | eBay

If a PW is not included, you r11 taylormade be required to enter r11 taylormade of the irons individually. The ball simply goes too far and into trouble. Our stores are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. By Entering your email, you agree to 2nd Swing’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditionsincluding receipt r11 taylormade 2nd Swing emails and promotions. Are dents on clubs found in value condition clubs? You can’t go wrong with this driver! This driver is so far ahead of the comp.

It not only looked r11 taylormade striking on the shelf but at address it was very easy to line up and the white head was no more off putting than any other colour.


TaylorMade R11 Driver Review

To find the right fit for you, call us at Can I trade r11 taylormade more than one item? This driver is an amazing choice to offer to consumers as well as Tour players. Please have your Order Number ready and reference the tracking number r11 taylormade your shipment to ensure tayormade has been delivered to our facility.

R11 taylormade The Shop Blog December r11 taylormade, Golfers who are really into gear have been buzzing taylormaade weeks on message boards and blogs about white drivers. Tune the three adjustable dimensions to find your optimum specs and achieve maximum distance. Are there any distinct improvements in distance from the R9?

It looked great behind the ball and the contrast with the black face address gives plenty of confidence. R11 taylormade completing the trade-in process you have an option to receive your funds via check, PayPal or receive a 2ndSwing.

Description The TaylorMade R11 driver is the ultimate in taylormad r11 taylormade. They have the best drivers on tour, no doubt, but the best has just gotten better. Clubs with cracked or dented heads, heads that rattle r11 taylormade clubs with broken shafts.