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Peter, One thing I would caution is the more pixels the better. Using this wizard, I have soon learned to control the software producing great results that are exactly fitting my needs. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner I think there is no point in scanning at more than ppi, you only get a bigger file but no more useful detail. Our easy to understand movies explain everything in detail.

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Anyone who has worked at all with photos on a computer should be able to handle plustek opticfilm 7500i with ease. Keith, Knowing that you own one, would you recommend it? Visit the Luminar web site to try it for free.

Plustek OpticFilm 7500i SE Scanner

It should be far better than a V in terms of resolution. Price Calculator How plustek opticfilm 7500i are different SilverFast versions for your scanner? I have a i, and the specs say dpi. Linden i – L.

The dust and scratch remover, however, plustek opticfilm 7500i not work very well. I plustek opticfilm 7500i this 1 minor short coming by cutting rectangular holes in a blank piece of 35mm film and taping smaller negatives over the hole but I’m sure they could provide different negative frames to facilitate other film sizes.

Theoretical dmax numbers aren’t that useful- 3. To spend opticfilmm a Leica and saving on the scanner is like buying a Lamborghini and puting spent cooking oil in it.


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Using this wizard, I have soon learned to control the software producing great results that opitcfilm exactly fitting my needs. Yes, the resolution is not great but enough for my needs. I bought the Plustek after not getting decent 35mm results from plustek opticfilm 7500i Epson Keith.

For this reason, those who plan on using the QuickScan utility only should consider buying the cheaper OpticFilm instead of the i. Supported Operating Systems Supported Features. Small picture film scanner Plustek opticfilm 7500i resolution: Show More Show Less.

You plustek opticfilm 7500i log in or sign up to reply here. For every single step there is a Q button to use if you need it. These can be converted to 8-bit-per-channel formats later, in an plustk program.

Regarding plusttek, a dpi scanner may not actually deliver dpi of resolution. The OpticFilm i – as well as the older i but not the or the – is capable of infrared scanning. James Brook i Ai – For me as a beginner, the WorkflowPilot has been a great help getting started.

Most of the slides – and negatives – I oppticfilm were taken with hand-held manual-focus cameras with consumer-grade lenses, and these did not typically contain enough detail to warrant being scanned at such high resolution. Overall, Plustel can recommend the Plustek OpticFilm i AI to any amateur photographer with a moderate archive of plustek opticfilm 7500i – as long as you take your time to learn how to use it and the SilverFast AI Studio software, you are unlikely to be disappointed.


There are two ways to scan your photos with plsutek OpticFilm i AI. What impressed me the most about the Silverfast software is that I can upgrade plustek opticfilm 7500i if I want to to a version calibrated to Kodachrome film colors to automate the process of color correction of the slides.

I am not surprised. plustek opticfilm 7500i

Plustek OpticFilm i – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

I plustek opticfilm 7500i want to wait for it as I have hundreds and plustek opticfilm 7500i thousands of slides and negatives to digitalize. If you’re doing color negatives and not slides it may be adequate as the low dynamic range will be less of an issue. Many of SilverFast’s functions are accessible via dedicated buttons arranged in a vertical row along the left side of the program’s scan preview window.

The results are excellent. To be fair though, some of SilverFast’s features are actually quite straightforward to use. The real question would be, plustek opticfilm 7500i would you want to?

I can’t comment on the V as I have an Epson Photo.