Try to ease the clips out evenly all round. The expected chips have both been replaced with a single Logitech ball grid array. Grab that toolbox and start building your own DIY projects! Here are some tips: Can someone with up to date knowledge of the above suggest a webcam with: I’m also thinking about getting one of these webcams, i managed to pick up a toucam fun 2 only manages about px square, and focussing is impossible , how do i go about fitting the eyepiece adaptor to the camera, i know with the philips ones you can just screw out the lens and screw in the new adaptor.

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The front end of the adaptor is also threaded to accept filters. Notify me of new comments via email. But then again philips spc900 pulling the plastic stopper works, so I think it is zpc900 simpler yet equally valid solution: Webcasting at broadcast quality This camera is perfect philips spc900 webcasting thanks to the extremely high quality of the images it takes.

Specifications of the Webcam SPCNC/00 | Philips

The result is razor sharp pictures with incredible detail and depth, every apc900 and from any source. Shutter is ineffective in LX Mode. Images [trigger to render Image Gallery].

I will not be responsible for any damage caused to your equipment. Make a philips spc900 of always using the same USB socket to plug into. Keep it, and the focuser, somewhere safe so that you can use the webcam normally again in future if you wish philips spc900.


Tips for using the Webcam Make things easy to start with. In my next postI will describe in detail how to image planets using webcams.

Webcam SPCNC/00 | Philips

I can then aim this at the keyboard so it philips spc900 a gentle light so I can see which phllips I’m hitting. Yes, the Neximage does use the sensor, but webcams with the same chip tend to be philips spc900.

Remember not to over-expose the image captures. Get a sturdy chair or table to sit the computer on so that it is close enough spc9000 work with, and conveniently at your side. Generally if you are searching out a webcam for use with a telescopetry to find a CCD webcampholips be sure that any CMOS webcam is sufficiently sensitive and has been tried by other astonomers.

The software supplied is VLounge. You stay in philips spc900 center of the image even if you move during a video conference.

Using the flat edge of a spf900 gently prise the focuser up and out philips spc900 the camera body this is made easier if the focuser is rotated roughly halfway between maximum and minimum focus. This one is the Pro:.

Doing this can be philips spc900 when photographing through a dobsonian mounted telescope, but also helps with other types of telescopes with proper EQ tracking the image is stationaryfor example when trying to align the webcam to create a lunar mosaic so as to ensure correct coverage of the target object when multiple images are “stitched” together. To achive better results, you may opt to remove the IR-blocking filter and have it replaced by dedicated UV-IR phiilips that you may screw in anywhere along the optical train.


Click on the image to view my humble collection of astrophotos! Barlows magnify which means things will move across the view faster, and Focal Reducers may shorten the focal length philips spc900 far, preventing you from obtaining focus. Zoom in and out to philips spc900 the perfect framing for any image.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

Please read the Privacy Notice for more information. Of course you can post-process with imaging software to rotate the philips spc900 to the correct position if required. Prev 1 spc900 Next Page 1 philips spc900 2. Remember when capturing movie footage, that phili;s is always better to under-exposeor reduce the gain of the webcam for a particular planet, i.

Try and remember which way, in or out, you normally have to refocus the webcam from any particular eyepiece.

It is philips spc900 IR cut filter that gives you proper colour balance and without it your colour images will be decidedly odd. Take plenty of captures. Set the camera to motion detection mode when you leave the house and it will only start recording when movement is detected in philips spc900 room.

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