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Just enough features to make it much more than the typical point and shoot, yet easy to use. Given the amount of email I’ve gotten on the topic, I now include this paragraph in all my digicam reviews. The camera is fairly easy to hold, though I wish it had a larger right hand grip. The camera has average performance in most areas, except for playback mode, where it really screams. In addition to its still photography options, the DX also offers a Movie recording mode for capturing moving images with sound at x pixels, at approximately 24 frames per second. Pick an album in the same way that you would an e-mail address , and the camera will dump the photos into the proper album the next time you transfer photos to your Mac or PC. Olympus Camedia C Ultra Zoom.

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Explore the images on the pictures pageto see how the DX’s images compare to other cameras you may be considering. The result kodak dx6490 be maximum control and ease of use with plenty of ways to express your creativity.

Kodak DX6490 – 10x zoom

Kudos to Kodak dx6490 for using a metal tripod socket, rather than a plastic one, as is becoming more common on digicams these days. Jul 22, video.

About this product Kodak dx6490 Information A versatile camera with a full range of options designed for creative and passionate photographers, the Kodak EasyShare DX 4. Jul 25, 55 mobile. Fujifilm’s XF mm F2. Huawei launches photography contest with an AI koda. The kodak dx6490 battery charger also accompanies the camera, but I strongly recommend picking up a second battery and keeping it freshly charged at all times.


It can also be kodak dx6490 with a computer. Purple fringing is something that you have to live with on an ultra zoom camera, but it wasn’t kodak dx6490 bad on the DX, much to my surprise. OK, now back to our regularly scheduled review The best cameras for shooting kids and family must have fast autofocus, good low-light image quality and great video.


Pressing the Share button enters playback mode and brings up the following menu: On our tests, kodak dx6490 DX produced sharp, well-exposed images with good color saturation and just a hint of posterization at times.

Whether you’re kodak dx6490 the beach in the Northern Hemisphere or the ski slopes in the Southern, a rugged compact camera makes a great companion.

Manual mode provides complete exposure control, with the user able to set both aperture and shutter speed. The camera continues with Kodak’s very user-friendly interface and uncomplicated menu layout, and the varying levels of exposure control allow novice users to gradually step up control kodak dx6490 they kodak dx6490 more about photography.

Kodak EasyShare DX digital camera review: Kodak makes good use of the DX’s top panel real estate, which features the Shutter, Flash, Focus, and Drive kodak dx6490, as well kodak dx6490 the pop-up flash release button and a small speaker. The DX did a very nice job with the macro test shot, producing a very “smooth-looking” subject.

If albums have been set up and downloaded kodxk the camera, you can associate movies with a specific album as they kodak dx6490 recorded, the same way you can with still images. Just as kodak dx6490 as an extra memory card is a tool to rescue your images when one of your cards fails at some point in the future.

Kodak DX6490

Accesses the following main camera settings: But there’s no getting around the fact that it’s an expensive camera, and a longer lens comes with certain trade-offs. The Print at Home tab will help you print the images you select either by marking them on the camera or dx64990 the software. From there you kodak dx6490 print, edit, and e-mail photos, and you can even burn a CD of kodak dx6490 photos.


Koeak DX offers a full range of exposure control, from the point-and-shoot style of Auto mode to full manual exposure control.

Kodak DX – 10x zoom: Digital Photography Review

If you’ve got a memory card inserted, you must switch to the internal memory using the menu if you want to view the pictures stored there.

I really like the fake xd6490 sound for some reason. Sure, you’ll kodak dx6490 it in our torture testkodak dx6490 it wasn’t in too many of my other shots.

The single MODE dial is sometimes tricky to rotate kodak dx6490 it is turned once to video, aperture, kodak dx6490 speed control for the series of shots, then it can be turned to automatic kodak dx6490 for beginners and those learning. Turns the date stamp function on or off, which records the date over the dx640. Quite kodaj in light of the large lens, the DX has an overall body design similar to a number of other long-zoom digicams on the market, with a generous handgrip on the right-hand side, balancing the large lens on the left.

The camera’s clever EVF shuts off if it’s idle for 15 seconds but senses when your eye moves back into position koodak turns on again. In keeping with my standard test policy, the comments given here summarize only my key findings.