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Kagami finally realizes that Tendou was trying to tell him to remember his promise to fight Worms. Retrieved from ” https: Kabuto is taken to an alternate dimension and meets Dark Kabuto. Kagami, still puzzled, watches in shock as Kazama Daisuke, a makeup artist, transforms into Kamen Rider Drake. Lasting for 49 episodes, the first episode of Kamen Rider Kabuto aired on January 29, , and the finale aired on January 21, Tendou and Daisuke have a contest to see who can get the most girls to follow them in one day. After sacrificing his love for her to come to the realization that she was evil, Drake makes a heart-paining choice and destroys Uca Worm.

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She returns to her mother and Daisuke leaves for an unknown place, realizing that it was for the best.

The connection between Hiyori and Tendou is seemingly discovered as Tendou makes a promise to Hiyori that he might jamen to break after ZECT discovers the identity of Kabuto. This seemingly perfect case is broken when Kageyama reveals that he was just using Kagami as bait to lure out the real traitor. In an attempt to block Tadokoro’s bullets, Tendou accidentally injures Renge. Kagami is sent into negotiations, but things happen that are even out of his control.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Elsewhere, Nogi and his army advance towards Area Z. gatakc

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Gatack may have been the last of the four “main” Gayack to be introduced gtack the series, but given that Kabuto largely feels like the story of Arata Kagami anyway it was certainly one of the show’s best moments.

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Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources. However what does make the box stand out a little more than usual is the positioning of the main image, which has the figure staring off the right rather than the left.

As Kagami lays defeated, Tendou appears, after going one-on-one with Mishima, Kagami regains his strength and joins Tendou in a double team on Mishima for the final battle. Eventually the Worm’s identity is discovered, and Daisuke retrieves his Drake Grip. Kageyama encounters a young girl who he protects and is reminded by Yaguruma that he can no longer interact with other humans.

Gatack was initially released in Septemberwith the second shipment happening the following month in October. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Daigo becomes Kamen Rider Drake later on to save a mother and her child in front of Kagami.


Kagami feels betrayed by ZECT and takes a leave to try and solve his own mission. Tendou confronts Kagami and tells him that he will defeat all Worms, including Kagami’s brother, Bellcricetus Worm.

Tendou pays a visit to Jiya’s brother and receives the ancient White Knife blade that will allow him to win in the upcoming match with Ichiro. Kagami rushes to stop Mishima’s plans of using a meteorite to drain Dark Kabuto of his powers.

Arata Kagami/Kamen Rider Gatack

If so, he will release the Natives, however, they will no longer have their mimic abilities. Figuarts to buy for Kamen Rider fans and Gatack is yet another near-flawless release to add to that track record. The Worm Souji has appeared in the city and after visiting the Bistro and trying Renge’s food, Kagami notices something odd about fider. The Hyper Zecter is then seemingly destroyed, and Kagami was destroyed by the worm. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kabuto ridder taken to an alternate dimension and meets Dark Kabuto.

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Even though it shares a body type with the earliest Shinkocchou Seihou release, it’s still a cut above the majority the brand has to offer and provides a long overdue gatakc to one of its oldest figures. Retrieved from ” https: In addition to that there are also his signature Gatack Double Calibur blades, which can peg to the figure’s shoulders when not in use.

A woman named Yuki is attacked by the Lanpyris Worm and impersonated, but she survives so now there are two Yukis running around. Kageyama begins to stray from the path of darkness as he is enticed by the sight of TheBee. In the end, Kagami is left with the toughest choice of his life.

Driven to a point of insanity, he takes Kagami captive and demands that all the Zecters be given to him. Many collectors saw this as a step backwards, but honestly I wasn’t too bothered by it – the hands felt considerably less fragile and the wrist hinge really helped get a better “walk the path of heaven” point pose out of the figure. Kamen Rider Kabuto is the edition of the Kamen Rider Seriesand the 35th anniversary of the whole series’.

Tendou learns of strange occurrences happening at Juka’s school and sends Kagami and Misaki to investigate the problem.