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All Public Sonic Actions – the website created for people who wants to download free drivers but can not. They can use my website anytime.


But donations to JMRI are always welcome. The east ward signal shown at the other end of the plant here is a single mast and is physically installed and fully functional with lit LEDs. The restricting signal at 6E would be a blinking icon on the tablet panel, but could show a PRR restricting in the engineers view at the top of this page. Operators can either select a starting point to watch signals or can select one of the local panels. These consists should perform better when built with a WiFi device, but controlled by a throttle from the DCC manufacturer of your system. In this way you can follow your train around the layout and always look ahead for the next signal.

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JMRI Tablet Panels

The basic application englne available for free download from the iTunes store. Type is displayed Status Out of Service Takes the Locomotive out of service and will not be assigned by the build program Location Name Susanville and Track jmri engine Yard Track you can set the jmri engine at any defined location on your layout.

Jmri engine really makes it easy to operate using the virtual signals. The east ward signal shown at jmri engine other end of the plant here is a single mast and is physically installed and fully functional with lit LEDs.

Using JMRI® to Operate Trains

Web page updated February 17, Using the values shown on the WiThrottle window. Additional information on copyright, trademarks and licenses jmri engine linked here.

System preferences may need to be adjusted to prevent the computer from putting itself to sleep when jmri engine is inactive. The last display at Laurel West is adjacent to the aisle gate described in my article in the February issue of Model Enngine Hobbyist.


The tablet panel for Quaker Junction shown at left has indications for 14 jmri engine and only one exists physically on the model jmri engine. Operate your loco using the slider or volume control for speed, and the reverse, stop and forward buttons to control direction.

JMRI: WiFi Throttle

While running Android version 4. After jmri engine your locomotives, you must save them if you want to keep them as part of your roster then edit them as jmri engine done for imports from the programming roster above.

You will be returned to the Throttle screen. If you look carefully at the image of the panel in use above, you will notice that the crossover 17 is set to the thrown position. The “auto web” view now appears when you rotate the device to landscape view, while the Engine Driver throttle shows in Portrait view. In order to navigate to the various panels on the tablet, I jmri engine modified the JMRI generated “home page” as shown mjri the left.

I’m thinking that jmri engine guys with the iphone and smart phone throttles will be able to browse each of these panel displays and greatly reduce engind need for permissive radio traffic with the Dispatcher.

Jmri engine here is a look at the next control point to the west of Quaker Junction at Portage. Christmas brought two new Android smart phones.

Length was set to default 50 so edit to 95 which is the correct length of body not including couplers. Both of these jmri engine be added to Preferences, Start Up as well. This utility broadcasts its connection information across all local networks, so it can be picked up by any device looking for the service. Jmri engine create a consist “on-the-fly”, simply select additional locos for the same throttle. You should correct the locomotive length if you want the program to correctly calculate your train lengths.


I just had to figure how to permit my long distance dispatcher how to get jmri engine the firewall. Release will release all for that throttle. Additional information on copyright, trademarks and licenses is linked here. They simply hook up to wifi, download Engine Driver, set the preferences and I have two new electronic throttles with jmri engine view signals.

JMRI: WiFi Throttle

To release all locos, just press the Back button and exit the app. Dialog preceeds the Set Locomotive window. I super imposed a set of Jmri engine style position signal icons that I created to include the jmri engine head for a restricting signal.

If you prefer to use comma delimiters instead of spaces, place the word “comma” at the start of your import file and use commas instead of spaces. Coming the other way, there is a dwarf signal jmri engine the track out of the wye track jmri engine Enola staging. In this way you can follow your train around the layout and always look ahead for the next signal.