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Email functionality is not setup or not working properly on the computer. If you delete a patient from the Patient Data screen, all reports associated with that patient will also be deleted including the patient data information. Operation over high latency, low bandwidth, high loss networks. This Record Locking feature prevents more than one operator from accessing the same patient record simultaneously, specifically in a LAN environment where different computers are sharing a central database. Vital Signs tab If the edit boxes are white, simply enter the patient height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, etc.

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Add — Use this feature to add a statement to the list. Hardware that typically uses these ports includes the mouse, modem, printer, etc.

Clicking the button activates a pop-up dialog box, which is described below. Print currently viewed report. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Software Drivers

Upon completion of the Patient Data screen, review it to ensure that everything is accurate and up to date. This number should be referenced on the package s containing the items to be returned and in any correspondence regarding the return.

If you have IQmark Sync software installed, the following message will appear: For each operating system listed, the program will run on the minimum RAM requirements as recommended by Microsoft: Configuring for Peer-to-Peer Networks After you have set up the LAN network and are sure it is working, follow these steps to set up a peer-to-peer network database.


There is no better way—or smarter time—to move your ECG work into the digital age. Double-Click refers to performing this task twice, and is generally used to start programs.

Midmark IQmark Digital ECG – Refurbished

Displays the integrated help function. To send by email, select desired report s at the Report List screen or if you are at the Report Review screen, the report displayed is automatically selected.

Select the model of the scale from the iqmak box. To do this, open the Windows Explorer Program on the central computer, click with the right mouse button over the designated folder. Create the tables and eg on the new database for the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation.


Make sure the Auto hide box is checked. System administrators should configure the terminal server for COM port mapping as described in the document entitled Application Note: If you accept the license agreement, click Next to iqjark to Step 3.

To edit a number, highlight the appropriate line and click the Edit button. Click on the down arrow and select the name from the list.

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All other computers that need access to this ceg database must be set to the Network database on the IQmark Configuration application. Email recipient receives patient report as scrambled text. Click the Review Vital Signs button. An on-screen form you complete to provide the Workstation with information used to accomplish tasks; an example is the Medications dialog box.

Height Required for Spirometry Vital Signs tab Used for informational purposes, and plays a diagnostic role in Spirometry. Client Service, Maintenance and Warranty For help in diagnosing problems with this product, refer to the online help for immediate assistance.

The drop down combo box contains the following selections. To save changes, click Apply then click OK.

You can select different Vital Signs parameters for each axis. Read from File Restore Only archived reports can be restored.

The online titles are enclosed in brackets [ ]. Your IQmark hardware products may have additional computer hardware requirements. Clicking the Review Vital Signs button provides access to previously entered vital signs information for the patient.