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ConfigSafe allows users to capture an image or snapshot of a system configuration at any time, so that a user has a record of previous stable configurations and subsequent changes should problems arise. Pentium 4 features include: For models without a separate video card, memory supports both system and video. Product Life Cycle Dates. Software Requirements Operating System Software NetVista M42 systems are tested for compatibility with the following operating systems:

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This program implements power-saving functions when Power Manager is not installed. Operating Environment Operating Environment Temperature: Offers both platform and user im requires download of security software from IBM Executes ibm netvista 8313 private key-related Public Key Infrastructure PKI operations right hetvista the chip requires third party digital certificate, not included Designed to enable secure storage of private keys requires third party digital certificate Supports industry standard cryptographic interface MSCAPI and PKCS 11 Provides more secure access authentication by coordinating with Windows logons and strengthening Lotus Notes logons Encrypts and decrypts files, folders and messages with bit digital signature and up to ibm netvista 8313 key exchange Digital signatures allow non-repudiation and data integrity Integrates with optional biometrics and proximity badges Adheres to the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance TCPA specification recognized by over companies Other Software Tools The NetVista M42 ibm netvista 8313 a unique set of software tools to help you manage your desktop computing assets.

Modes supported by an operating system are device driver dependent. For IBM machines with ibm netvista 8313 labor, IBM will attempt to diagnose and resolve the problem remotely before sending a technician.

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Windows is a trademark ibm netvista 8313 Microsoft Corporation. Plug-and-Play Support NetVista M42 systems support the plug-and-play specifications that make it easier for you to install, upgrade, and make changes to the PC.


Lotus Notes Client 5. PC-Doctor Diagnostics Diagnoses common problems on all major system components. These systems feature a suite of solutions to help reduce the overall cost of PC hardware ownership. Telephone ibj may be subject negvista additional charges, even during the limited warranty nwtvista. Ibm netvista 8313 software Windows Professional preload tracks ibm netvista 8313 to system configuration files and allows you to conveniently restore your configuration when changes threaten system integrity.

Norton AntiVirus OEM Edition This comprehensive antivirus product for Windows operating systems is preloaded on all M42 systems, and simply and reliably detects and removes viruses from your computer.

Devices Supported Not applicable. The system resumes operation when the keyboard or mouse is used. This power-management feature netvvista the ibm netvista 8313 in standby mode after a user-defined time interval elapses with no activity. The setup utility program has a default setting of 30 minutes for automatically initiating power management of the display, processor, and HDD.

Ibm netvista 8313 performance and room for growth: Plug-and-play entvista that netvisra plug-and-play adapter im are self-configuring. For models without a separate video card, ibm netvista 8313 supports both system and video. Leadership Design Features Four mechanical form factors sharing a single software image per operating system 1 Tool-less cover removal for all ibm netvista 8313 packages Tool-less PCI card slots Internal bays flip up and components slide on rails Six USB ports for easy upgrades, two of which are in the front for easy access Mini desktop sealed design which helps prevent unwanted end user alterations Note: The scheduler feature is used to start events when the system is off.


APM provides a cooperative environment in which applications, operating systems, and device drivers work together to reduce power consumption. EXEssystem hardware, and network connections.

System memory used by video may be up ubm 32MB if the system has MB installed, and up to 64MB if the system has MB or more system memory installed, depending on video mode. Although these systems have been compatibility tested with the ibm netvista 8313 operating systems, additional video driver support may be required from the operating system vendor. A supplier’s declaration will be available ibm netvista 8313 the systems. Licenses are shipped with the system.

The scheduler can start events such as power-off, power-on, and program initiation. ConfigSafe allows users to capture an image or snapshot of a system configuration at any time, so that a user has ibm netvista 8313 record of previous stable configurations and subsequent changes should problems arise.

Select NetVista M42 models have integrated video graphics and support the following video modes and screen refresh rates: The monitor attached will affect the modes and frequencies available.

Europe – IBM NetVista M42 Series Systems with Intel Pentium 4

All offers subject to availability. Systems with preinstalled software come with this power-management feature already set up. The utility can also be configured to take periodic snapshots, automatically capturing the system setup files and other related information. IBM makes no representation or warranty regarding ibm netvista 8313 party products or services.