Apr 3, WA This is not a fuzz pedal at all but a more of a heavey overdrive. Feb 10, 4. I know if I try one, I’m gonna want one, so I have been avoiding them! My fundamental was still firmly there and the tone is not too mid rangey tube screamer like and not scooped either.

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Great review Crabby, I love mine, one of my favorite sounds the Rust Ride gets is with a fretless with the tone all the way down with it set to warm, so thick, furry and smooth. Oct 8, Summit, NJ. The low end remains in tact rst the overdriven sound is layered on top.

But when base jam in a group, the balance is perfect. Accessories For Orchestral Strings. Mar 5, Its one sound, which I hao rust ride bass

HAO Rust Ride overdrive – review & comparison

When playing in a room by yourself at low volume, its easy set an overdrive pedal to what appears hao rust ride bass be unity gain. This hqo has a good distortion sound, no question, but lacks in the versatility department big time.

Mar 1, 7.

With the Rust Ride, this is about 6 on the volume level or one oclock. Feb 10, 4. Has a groovy boutique vibe. I actually bought this pedal early last year when I had a completely different rig and ended hao rust ride bass returning it after a week. Search Forums Recent Posts. Jeff O’Connor likes this.

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Rich harmonics and some EQ variation with the selector switch. After reading these reviews I feel like I had a completely different unit than what you guys have described.

Maybe it was my amp Feb 10, 1. However, going back and forth between them, the Fulltone has more mids and bright top end, but less detail and deep bottom.

Its bright red hao rust ride bass looks to be the perfect solution for blending clean signal to effected tone. Yes, my password is: Playing through my Ampeg cabs with horns, the Rust Ride was clearly prefered. So here’s the big comparison: The difference in tone is not huge, bu tthe Rust Ride clearly sounded warmer, thicker and deeper with more low end.

It helps to keep the level control around the halfway mark. I’ve been tempted to buy another and a VFB2 to mix some clean back in.

HAO Rust Ride Bass Overdrive Pedal | Musician’s Friend

If Hao would make the degree of distortion changable, and also make sure that could distort more, the Rust Ride could very well replace my beloved Muff’n. This could be used as a clean blend or to send to a tuner. Double Basses For Sale: There is plenty of low end, the note definition is all there, the distortion is smooth and extremely pleasing and Hao rust ride bass love the simplicity of just having one knob to deal with.


At this setting, when the pedal is kicked in, the bottom end of my signal remains at the same volume level and all the overdriven goodness is added on top. There is also a rubber washer included in hao rust ride bass little baggie that can be installed on the level pot to make it really stiff hao rust ride bass that it doesn’t get moved easily. Again, in a loud live music situation, I don’t know if the average listener would actually hear the difference.