Cyrus said Any suggestions on what speakers should be put int May 5, at 5: I play in little club or bedroom, which better? December 9, at 9: Do you tweak it again, or use the volume on your guitar, or something else? The higher the voltage the more headroom. I have seen you have updated the picture of your Vintage Gear and the throbak is in!

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The pedal hasnt left my setup yet. I guess I will hold on to it. D You clearly hear him using it on and off during the song and the volume stays sorta ovwrdriver .

Colorsound Overdriver Clones

I already own one BD-2 that i can used as a booster or overdrive. April 29, at 8: They sound incredible fermanium loud amps at stage volume like Marshall watters.

April 9, at 7: Colorsoound want to have the fuzz first but it depends on how well it stacks up with the compressor. Gary also designed the legendary Sola Sound Tone Bender. The breakup is really nice and smooth much like the BD2 and Colorsound. November 15, at 3: The Colordrive is much cleaner. May 28, at 4: April 12, at After seeing the review I ordered one of these.


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I can watch that over and over. Do you use it on your board still?

November 20, at 3: Share This Page Tweet. What are your thoughts on how these compare to the Throbak?

April 10, at 8: April 29, at 1: The GT can deliver some nice Tube Driver-ish tones. Once again, thanks from Barcelona!

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Michael said Hi I am just wondering the big muff settings susta One, it sure seems like those classic WYWH e. On your main picture of the pedal beginning of the article colorsoind, showing your settings, the toggle is set on the right Germanium.

December 9, at 4: I NEED those pickups! May 21, at 7: Dark Side has much more studio trickery compared to both WYWH and Aniamls and most of the overdrive tones you hear on Dark Side could easily have been created by compressing or limiting a fairly clean but loud guitar signal.

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April 22, at 5: Thanks for the tip! The SB is cleaner but works great for adding a bit more bite to your tones and for boosting Muffs etc.

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