I can get them both for about the same price. Hi Headfonia, I have a question: The Noble Sage sample in this review was bought directly by me. Reply October 27, Foscot. First, though, we need to find the Vrms root mean square voltage , which is more useful for audio. I am not aware or theory behind it.

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I just picked this up after listening for half an hour to this and an E The best is to check with your headphones and if not happy you can always return it. Reply December 2, Agnishwar Mitra.

Fiio E10K Review

If I were selling in a store, I think I could sell a lot of them, for use with phones and simple music players. I noticed fkio difference in a few days of listening between this amp on my Hifiman headphones and my Grado SR headphones.

Even though it’s marketed as a desktop product the fact that it’s small and takes power from the USB port makes it portable enough to use with a laptop. Though technically I am not an Audiophile, I do like listening to clean, clear sound with just about enough bass the HD has enough bass for my taste.

Recent Drivers  RX1650PRO TD256E DRIVERS

Here the E10k clearly outclasses the clip. The Amazon reviews are not good for the Sanskrit. I also hear the bass boost is a bit different between the two, can anyone comment? The X2 is extremely easy to drive which is nice.

Even though I listened for the same material I did with E1 the difference is titanic. All online orders are for delivery throughout New Zealand only.

Music will and does sound the same whether from your desktop computer or your android phone. Unlike the Clip which I always have pretty much on max volume this has room to give. When i first listened them, i surprised how they improved the sound quality.

Does the E10k outperform the E18? Reply February 4, Maurizio Cassano. Because it’s all metal it feels like quality in your hand.

See e10 28 brand new listings. Pros – better audio than my macbook late and iphone 3gs. I had the FiiO E12, and I liked it, but it was only good for more power, not so much for sound. The bass control switch is not entirely graceless depending on the headphones. Bluetooth Audio Amplifier, 2-Ch.

What would be best, for listening to a wide range of music? Far superior to my old Turtle Beach PX51 the sound on these cans is incredible, everything is nice and crisp; the music is much more enjoyable to listen to.


If my memory serves me well we even named the E10 Product of the Year back in Any remarks on this?

This website appears to be a copy of the original and may not be safe to view.

So we want to figure out how much power we need for 14 more decibels. Is the DT impedance curve really flat? Fiio e10k review part 1 https: I went for the E10 because it was foio musical to my ears and more fun all around to listen to, I found the E17 just a bit tiring at times.

Reply September 12, Tk Pros – excellent value for money, likeable sound.

All reviews complement the quality however, so they are not poor quality in and of themselves. Reply September 17, Joe Rico. Not sure how fiioo it will sound.