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My main aims for this machine is to go with something in an ultra-portable form-factor for good battery life and prability and the tablet PC screen for reading. When manually installing ntrig drivers it doesn’t work at all. Uninstalling these in 7 or installing other drivers such as the Vista ones seems to put firmware into the device which is compatible with integrated windows drivers. But maybe if N-Trig goes to update only their newer hardware, we might still be able to get it to work on our machines using this trick. Sometimes double-tapping with two fingers blacks the screen.

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Windows 7 on a Dell Latitiude XT2 – Aaron Parker

It looks like, from what I’m reading, that the trick is to make sure that the newer N-Trig firmware is also uninstalled along with the drivers.

Unfortunately, on Windows 8 the driver dekl seems to be more?

My Dell XT2 had 1 touch working with the Vista version. Internet explorer in normal Desktop is OK, I already used the reset advanced settings, looks like the Metro Internet Explorer isn’t affected. I’m not on my tx2 right now, so I cannot see which drivers specifically are in use at the moment, but I can recall that none of them say “N-Trig” so I believe they are dkosense Windows drivers.

I’ll let you know. Monday, March 5, 2: Booted into Windows 7. I’m going to uninstall the 64bit and I’ll try with 32bit version. Uninstalling these in 7 or installing other drivers such as the Vista ones seems to put firmware into the device which is compatible with integrated duosemse drivers.

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Windows 7 on a Dell Latitiude XT2

Saturday, March 3, 9: For me, I didn’t need to install any vista drivers, but I uninstalled the N-Trig software from my Windows 7 which I dual boot and removed all the N-Trig drivers from Windows 8 via device manager. Friday, March 2, On Windows 8, this device appears to be crashing. I have only double touch using finger.

I’ve even redownloaded, reinstalled and then uninstalled again, but each time I get to the same position: Interestingly, after trying out the “Refresh Your PC” feature, which uninstalled the Vista Ntrig Drivers as part of the process, single-touch continued to work.

Even so, I have tried using their version of the drivers after reverting the firmware installed on my N-Trig device to something of around the same date and the N-Trig Multitouch HID Device still has issues.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Rebooted into Windows 7. Tuesday, March 20, 1: I’ll post what drivers my devices are using shortly and maybe we can get duisense bit of a check list to make sure we’re all singing off the same hymn sheet here.

Thanks for the tip MattJM, I’d rather not go down that extreme route again just to restore a botched zoom!

Dell XT2 N-Trig DuoSense drivers only Digitizer no Multi Touch Windows 8 Consumer Preview

So I downloaded from the n-trig website and extracted. This is on my HP tx2, but the drivers are pretty similar and it might duosenee on your Dell as well. Also my fingerprint reader no longer works even though it did work with the developers preview.


It arrived the same day as the Windows 7 Release Candidate, so the default Windows Vista install, disappeared pretty quickly. Yes, I’ve managed to get xtt2 touch working on my XT2. Sunday, March 4, 6: For those trying to get single-touch working, I had to remove all the drivers for the device in Windows 8 as described earlier and uninstall the N-Trig software from the Windows 7 installation I dual boot with.

I confirmed the Hardware ID to make sure it is the same device and it looks like it is just not detected properly with the new release.

Above was about finger use. This is just the way that I did it. Uninstalling the Windows 7 x64 Ntrig drivers did not enable single touch for me.

I am having the same issue with a Lenovo Ts I was able to get everything to work in the developers preview but now no luck no matter what I try.