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However, I don’t even think that this was necessary because, on my other XP box a desktop , I just plugged it in and Windows found it. The rechargeable battery of this Dell 20 GB MP3 player, once charged, keeps you entertained for up to 16 hours. I bought this 20GB at dell. The only thing I would add is color. Blue-backlit display somewhat dim and hard to read. The second one, I had it for a year and a half until I spilled soda on it. The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing

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Feels good in your hand. Become a fan of PCMag.

But outdoors, or in bright indoor lighting, readability is good. The DJ 20 has optional FM and voice recording, but they’re implemented through a wired remote with its own backlit display.

Overall, we’d prefer that these features be integrated into the main unit.

However, I don’t even think that this was necessary because, on my other XP box a desktopI just rj20 it in and Windows found it. But it’s a nice little device.

Navigation with either remote is limited to forward and back, which is really all you need. Noticeable distortion on one of the EQ settings.

The “play for sure” software is what I finally loaded and it works well. If it makes you uneasy buying a product that i s no longer manufactured, then I wouldn’t recommend it; but for me, it was a great deal. However, when I looked, Windows had put the device in “My Computer” and I was able to move music over that way. More MP3 and digital music player reviews: He pioneered numerous other innovations that have become standards in computer journalism, such as Service and Reliability Surveys, free utility software, One advantage of the remote is that the microphone doesn’t pick up hard drive whine as it records.


I didn’t find this to be the case though. And my final one, which I have now, I’ve had it for two years now. Don’t have to charge it much, and it lasts a long time.

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The only thing I would add is color. We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

The Dell DJ 20 is a refreshed, smaller version of the original DJ, one of the first players to offer serious opposition to the Apple iPod. A Great MP3 for a Great price!

It makes a mess under your computer desk. You can also purchase a second, smaller remote with just the play and volume controls.

It w ill often freeze after you undock it. The Dell served me well until I finally just wore it out.

Dell DJ 20

The revamped Dell DJ 20 is 25 percent smaller than its de,l, sounds better, has optional FM and voice recording, and is competitively priced. But, the DJ has a funky blue screen, is very user friendly the DJ is friendly, but the MusicMatch software isn’tand it is just about the same as the Ipod. It freezes in the middle of loading songs or something. I had my first one for about three months until my friend broke it, just like everything she touched.


Dell DJ 20 20gb Gen 2 Digital Jukebox Mp3 Player (silver)

Skip to main content. In order to sync up you plug in a really odd cable that is delp to wear out someday. Solid 20GB player has very jd20 sound quality overall. The longer you hold them, the faster the player moves through the song. The “Rock” EQ preset introduces significant amounts of harmonic distortion.

If you love music, get yourself this Dell! During his tenure, Machrone created the tough, labs-based comparison reviews that propelled PC Magazine to the forefront of the industry and made it the seventh-largest magazine in the United States.