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All Public Sonic Actions – the website created for people who wants to download free drivers but can not. They can use my website anytime.


Modern Warfare 1 Para hacer todo un me dice que tengo ban permanente en punkbuster pero nunca jugue al en.. By punkbuster restriction disallowed program audio driver i have same problem Disallowed program driver posted download in call of duty high 4 out of cod4. No one wants to use them, they stink like shit, but unfortunately its the only option. Reset, update, or link your account information. This is due to an error with the CoD4 masterserver and the test. And I have many, many other games as well.

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Tried taking pprogram mouse drivers, keyboard drivers, shutting down all background processes that I could, but kept getting the same errors. If bit operating system, download the x86 file, and if bit download the x64 file.

But if prograk TC and I used a hack, it would give a ban, not a kick. Message 3 of 10 5, Views. Cod4 pb kick disallowed program driver. Frustrating beyond belief no doubt to have to work through crap like this.

So it seems that if you have this problem and use the Microsoft remove function you are still leaving crap behind. Originally I played cod4 using a cracked key and I followed the instructions etc to copy the keygen and run it in the cod4 folder, etc. So I’m just trying to help other people. Stehlaa PunkBuster kicked player Stehlaa for 0 minutes.


Message 4 of 10 5, Views. Cod4 Punkbuster Kicked Disallowed Program.

Program Driver Pubkbuster Download – test. Punkbuster kick disallowed program driver cod4. Latest version of DirectX see this page http: January – last edited January Im getting kicked about every round since installing windows 8.

Message 9 of 10 2, Views. Reset, update, or link your account information. Posted January 4, D3DGear is very fast game video recording software and game video. Anyways will see how it goes but it looks good so far. View More on EA Help. Program driver” I get that any time Coc4 run CoD 4. It’s certainly not a hack m8, don’t worry about that, i and many others will i have no doubt dissallowed kicked with this message, the only thing i did was update my PB but if you want to know more about stuff like this proggam what it is and what causes it, it would probably be better to Google the error, you will get more sense out of people who have had this than you will get from Punkbuster.


I’ve seen other people seem to have experienced this problem but with no clear solution.

Then I played 3 straight games for an 1. DO NOT Copy my posts even with credit it is best to do your own work and write ups when helping another to show you fully understand what you are posting. I’ve done lots of digging on this problem and there wasn’t enough solutions to try.

Well lucky I have a bought version cov4 the game.

Solved: PB Kick – RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver – Answer HQ

Then click “all windows games”. A place to start I guess. But after using their fix tool, I am back to where I started. The most recent thing I’ve tried is to backup my player profile, uninstall cod4, then delete the entire cod4 folder before reinstalling again. Kicked by Punkbuster for Disallowed ProgramDriver 3 kills during the course of an entire match and.

Only problem my laptop overheats after 20 minutes and shuts down.