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All Public Sonic Actions – the website created for people who wants to download free drivers but can not. They can use my website anytime.


By the way, thanks a lot for this page Rob, it was very useful when I first got the Q It locks up when it reaches the Ubuntu logo, just before it should drop into a graphical login prompt. Both the cards get turned on in turn overheating the computer and it also makes lot of noise. Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. I had this a few times. Below I will explain how I managed to get the working with my Q

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I had a load of atti with mine and was so close to returning it. I think its a compatibility issue related to the 64 bit build of Ubuntu.

AtiHowTo – Debian Wiki

Support for six simultaneous displays may require complementary products compatible with DisplayPort 1. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Thinking it was possibly the usb key that was causing the problems, I then burned copies of Ubuntu Chipset Graphics cards and APUs Debian 8 at deb http: Thank you for your time.


Both the liinux get turned on in turn overheating the computer and it also makes lot of noise. Hi Jon, How far did you get with the install?

AMD Radeon™ HD 6450 Graphics

AMD Eyefinity technology works with games that support non-standard aspect ratios, which is required for panning across multiple displays. Identifying your graphics card or APU First, check your graphic card name and chipset: Although you wont hit full HD at all, and the annoying message will stay fixed, and I suspect it will cause screen burn on most plasmas.

Make sure you use the USB ports on the back of the Q, not those on the front! Page History Login to edit.

RadeonDriver – Community Help Wiki

If you uninstall the drivers, reboot, then reinstall it fixes the issue. I am putting the settings in the configuration addon, but no success…is the chipset supported? October 23rd, 1. Firmware Proprietary, binary-only firmware aka microcode was removed from the Debian kernel’s radeon DRM driver in linux I started with installing Your BIOS settings may be a place to find a solution.

Sign up using Email and Password. Atti chips Ubuntu AMD Eyefinity multidisplay technology 1 Native support for up to 3 simultaneous displays Up to 4 displays supported with DisplayPort 1.


Front ports are USB 3. Not got the Live TV add on installed yet though.

Installing ATI Radeon HD 6450 Drivers on Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit

Im beginning to wonder if there are various models of Q around, perhaps with subtle differences under the covers. Can I suggest you amend the original post to tell people to install This seems to be an issue with 64bit operating systems, and the ATI drivers. However, i tried to run ubuntu from usb u know, pinux try ubuntu feature and i had no luck in getting any sound played.

As you might know the card has dual outputs. This bit is also helpful if you mess up! Sign up using Facebook. Or, try installing from After this, select recovery mode.