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The overall objectives for this Phase I program are summarized in Table Apr 10, Reported: Specifically, a suitable site should have all required facilities in place including a prov- en landfill gas collection system, natural gas supply, permits, contracts for equipment and sale of elec- tricity, and plenty of space available for the demonstration. It addresses the key demonstration issues facing commercialization of the concept. As the beds successively reach their desired regeneration temperature, the regeneration gas flow can be bypassed around that bed so as not to overheat the bed.

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The conceptual design of the commercial system established key issues and system features requiring demonstration. Another option is to place a separate bed of halide guard material after the fuel preprocessor. Therefore, 23.232 demonstrator will validate the basic elements of EFC’s commercial fuel cell landfill gas to energy product concept.

The sulfur level ranges from 1 to ppmv, with a typical value on the order of 21 ppmv. EPA is interested in the fuel cell for this application because it is potentially one of the cleanest energy conversion technologies available.

An evaluation of state regulations revealed that collec- tion and control requirements generally necessitate venting, or the use of a flare. Penrose Station is an 8.

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The Phase I study addressed the problems asso- ciated with landfill gas as the feed stock for fuel cell operation. The addition of the halide guard to the fuel cell is an addition to the present capability of removing residual sulfur and any oxygen in the gas, and is significant because it simplifies the atu of the pretreatment system.

Pubs Figure 2. The results of an evaluation study form the basis for a conceptual design of a demonstrator fuel cell system for testing at a selected landfill gas site.

We have selected a site which we feel is representative, and which will demonstrate the applicability of the concept throughout the market. In the event of malfunction in the fuel ai system, the pretreatment system shall have provisions for automatic shutdown which protects the pretreatment system and does not exceed any site emissions limitations. These objectives are discussed in detail in the sections describing the pretreatment and fuel cell systems.


These characteristics are summarized in Table Task 2J Demonstration Test Site Specific Design The objective of this effort is to define the site specific design for the Phase IE demonstration, and estimate the cost of the demonstration phase of the program.

The two leading candidate sites that emerged were Penrose and the Toyon Canyon site be- cause of their close proximity to the Pacific Energy and Southern California Gas facilities, and their location within the South Coast Air Quality Management District. It will also be de- signed to preclude dioxin formation and have a destruction efficiency consistent with South Coast design specifications.

With the present state-of-the-art technolo- gy, however a lean-burn internal combustion engine has higher levels of NOx unless special precau- tions are taken to clean-up the exhaust.

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The demonstrator consists of the landfill gas wells and collection system, a modular gas pretreatment system and a PC25 natural gas fuel cell power plant modified for landfill gas opera- tion. Specific design details and performance of the dem- onstrator pretreatment system design are discussed later in this section.

Also included in this subsystem is a cold brine loop which rejects heat from the condenser to the refrigeration subsystem. This clean medium Btu landfill gas fuels the fuel cell power plant to produce ac power for sale to the electric utility and cogeneration heat which, for the demonstration, will be rejected by an air cooling module. A clean, dry, particulate-free medium Btu landfill gas exits the filter for consumption in the fuel cell.

Z will provide compressed 85 psig gas to the gas pretreatment system, the conceptual design of which is described in detail in Section 2.


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No sulfur or halide solid products are handled on site since all bed refurbishment is done at the factory as discussed earlier in this sec- tion.

Conclusions The approach used to establish the conceptual design of the demonstration project enabled IFC to focus on the key issues to be resolved by the demonstration. The pretreat system should be capable of checkout and ai without the fuel cell. This activity includes the conceptual design of the fuel cell landfill gas to energy system demonstrator afi will be designed and tested in Phases n and HI, the selection of a landfill site for the demonstration, determination of the site specific aati affecting the dem- onstrator design including codes, permitting requirements, site gas composition and clean up require- ments, and establishment of the Phase 232.23 demonstration plan.

The conceptual design is based on providing a modular, packaged, energy conversion system which can operate on landfill gases with a wide range of compositions as typically found in the United States. CO, O, Ar 4. Table lists the local permits presently required at the Penrose site.

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Our main focus will be to demonstrate that the performance and operability of the LFG pretreatment system is suitable for operation with the PC25 atii cell at Penrose. Analytical Powell Street Effl. A preliminary staged regeneration sequence was de- scribed earlier in Section A final paniculate filter ensures the meeting of specification panicu- late limits.

Apr 10, Reported: