It’s a welcome prospect, as compact laptops that deliver plenty of power are difficult to find. Below is the overall PCMark05 score and comparison to other notebooks: It’s a little tight, but I’d rather pack light when possible. I also like the way there’s no latch on the screen. This is one area which I can talk about without equivocation. This provides loads of storage space for such for such a small laptop, so you shouldn’t have much trouble stashing a comprehensive library of music or movies. As to design there are only a few minor complaints.

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That’s in the same ballpark as a desktop GeForce GT, which is mightily impressive for a laptop.

ASUS W3J Laptop Review

This computer is intended to last me through medical school, all the while satisfying my note taking and graphics needs. All other things being equal, I’d rather be sitting in front of a less expensive and more flexible desktop machine.

These specifications are as follows:. Operating System and Software: Aasus metal cover is a nice touch. The W3J is Asus’ attempt to create a fast, capable laptop with 3wj chassis barely the width of an A4 sheet of paper, and the weight of a couple of bags of sugar. There is no flex on the screen or within assu chassis itself. Below is the overall 3DMark05 score and comparison to other notebooks: The bamboo-style hinge maintains the curvaceous nature of the assu, as do the fonts of the keyboard which are decidedly less angular than is typical.


Also provided was a CD containing all necessary utilities and drivers, and a system restore disk. Given my itinerant occasionally consuming gaming habit, a mid-high range GPU was a strong factor in my choice to buy. The left row of shortcut keys controls media playback including CD playback when the laptop is ‘off’ and the right-hand keys toggle the Bluetooth adaptor, video source and Wi-Fi, and switch the mouse touchpad on and off.

Intel Core Duo T 1. Keyboard and touchpad view of the Asus W3j view large image I enjoy both these aspects of the W3j.

ASUS W3J – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

Additional software was minimal and easy to remove. Don’t aeus this again. Combine this with an absolutely stunning design and portable dimensions and the result is spectacular.

When I slapped my headphones on and plugged them into the W3J, I was pleasantly surprised how much crisper this sounded than the generic AC97 in my old Assu m.

After that, Vista’s hardware accelerated Aero Glass interface should be a walk in the park. The general impression during use is speed.


Locating it is difficult the first time you use the W3J, but its unusual position makes a welcome change. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a dedicated laptop compartment, so I wj a waterfield SleeveCase to cushion the laptop before storing it in the bag. In these instances the upper and lower portions of the screen can take on a gray haze. Relatively short battery life Average speakers Heat vent on right-hand side.

Once the optical drive kicks in, it will be noticeable in a quiet asuz. This is one area which I can talk about without equivocation. The Radeon Mobility X is a great video card.

Every laptop I’ve owned, the LCD screen eventually gets scratched by the keyboard. Best Laptops for I find the single button style appealing and the patterned face to be aesthetic. It’s a welcome prospect, as compact laptops that deliver plenty of power are difficult to find.

We’ve changed, we promise. That’s as much as I paid for the entire laptop! It’s a third-generation Centrino laptop, so it has all the funky Wi-Fi capabilities