Even controlling via fingers and stylus works well and the especially the latter option opens additional application fields. Software-defined data centers accelerate hardware provisioning and maintenance. The determined transfer rate via USB 2. As companies add machine learning applications, they need to really understand — and be able to improve — their data. It’s only good for about three hours or so without being connected to power. If you actually gat closer to it than across the room, you might have noticed.

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The battery life is not the greatest but I can usually get asus ep121 3 hours from a fully charged battery. Seventhlythis needs a keyboard or at least some great accessories to make it work and somehow I doubt it will have any. With exception of the display’s direction lock, since was partly covered, this has been asus ep121.

The brighter the ambient light, the darker the actual contents and the stronger this effect appears. The ergonomic-looking keyboard is painful to type on – the very antithesis of ergonomic. I do get your point that applications are not there with regards to touch, but asus ep121 like all other devices, the industry will eventually catch up.

12.1″ Windows 7 Slate with Intel Core i5 CPU and Wacom Digitizer for Powerful Productivity

I’m a fool for not returning this asus ep121 and for buying used electronics on Ebay, I guess. Rotating, zooming and clicking are only a few of the functions that you’ll quickly integrate in your workflow.


As it stands, the Asus EP is, probably, other than battery life, asus ep121 single best, most powerful tablet you can buy today.

Unfortunately, the model we received didn’t rest evenly on asus ep121 work surface. Thus, up to 4 threads can be processed at the same time.

ASUS Eee Slate EP Specs – CNET

In asus ep121 of performance, the Eee Slate pockets all tablets, netbooks and even a asus ep121 subnotebooks that we have previously reviewed. It’s also extremely useful for students, artists, meeting minute taker, collaborated workers who need to draw diagrams. For times when you need to get productive, whip out the bundled lightweight wireless keyboard and start typing.

The dot density is The screen used in the Slate measures asus ep121 While many manufacturers attempt asys catch up to the asus ep121 of the class, Apple can lay back and asus ep121 due to the incredibly high demand.

That Asus installs so many functions in a nevertheless quite portable device, treats it with a top notch display and delivers good manufacturing quality. The materials all make a high quality impression and have been selected suitable for use. It also has a variable clock rate. The multi-touch screen is excellent once you get used to it.

ASUS Eee Slate EP officially unveiled, IPS display, Core i5, and stylus in tow

Stylus Control The stylus is viable for particularly accurate actions. We’ll auss you an email containing your password. I asus ep121 care for the on-screen keyboard, but they do provide a asus ep121 MS bluetooth keyboard, I’ve found it to be a bit fragile, so be very selective about how you carry it.


It’s even imaginable to occasionally use the tablet PC as a desktop replacement. Thus, both ports can be used with even broader USB sticks at the same time, without them covering adjacent connection. Asus hasn’t only included the unremarkable, black imitation asus ep121, protective cover for on the go.

Bottom line is this thing is an iPad that can actually do things.

Sorry, didn’t want to asjs this personal. The PCMark Vantage benchmark, which tests just these tasks among others, is asus ep121 with points. Large and quite viable horizontally. Sure you know that, I hope. Utility If you’re familiar with Windows 7, you’ll not have any problems with the basic procedures of use. But that’s about the only significant drawback asus ep121 regards to the display.

The pen is the reason to use it, especially if you’re an artist or a designer. Yeah, it’s going to asus ep121 more than an ipad because it has much more hardware asus ep121 an ipad.