Was I supposed to attach anything to the aux. Forget about Front audio connections for now until you get sound working, at least. Then save as a. You might try to download the latest drivers from ASUS website. I have checked the volume levels, all okay. I was reading over the mobo manual.

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Asus A8N5X User Manual: Audio Configurations

Welcome to the forum, Shine. And guess what…they work fine!

I was told the sound traveled through the IDE cables. Very loud and kinda cracky, but they work. I was reading over the mobo manual. Everything went well until I hooked up the speakers from a8n5xx old pc. I just built the same MB in a system and had no trouble.

No sound from Asus A8N5X

Here is the stupid question. Hi all, I am a newbie.

The cable can only be a couple bucks and a digital connection is theoretically better than an analog one. The front panel one is the one bundled in with hd led, reset and power, right? Is that okay to do? I am at a complete loss. Was there a cable, other than the pc speaker wire from the case to the motherboard, that I missed.


Everything else was fine.

This would indicate not correctly installed devices possibly your sound device. Depends on whether you like the speakers, I suppose. Not saying this is your problem, but it will at least eliminate the obvious.

The cracking should go away with the proper connector attached and I assume the volume can be turned down further through software. But it said it was too large.


Keep them clear until you have sound at the back. I have checked the volume levels, all okay. Your menu above looks good. I did install the the drivers from the cd that came with the mobo.

You might try to download the latest drivers from ASUS website.

Asus A8N5X audio help – Newbie Forum – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

There is a tick-box te enable digital audio which may or may not be checked already. I hope I did it right.

Please feel free to move this to an appropriate forum. I used nothing from the CD as everything was updated on the site.


It looks like I have to have ActiveX to download the latest drivers, true? Thanks for the welcome, and the assistance.

Did you see any exclamation or question marks while in Device Manager? What do ya think? The speaker connections are colour coded. If I switch them back to my old pc they work fine. I just finished building my first pc.