Log in Don’t have an account? Sign up for free , it takes 30 seconds. The very first A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard we received was horribly unstable and we spent the majority of our time just trying to get the thing to work. I’ve got one installed now, and the only thing I hear from my case is my GPU fan. The fan is low profile and fits just fine with my stock gt’s. Does anyone have a recommendation for a chipset cooler that’s not as tall as the Zalman passive heatsink?

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I know this is a common problem for this board, and that ASUS has been very good about replacing these fans with new ones. But, I am in Japan, and the problem is not so easily solved. Jan 4, Posts: May 26, Posts: In my case, the asus a8n sli chipset in Japan wanted me to send in my motherboard, which Ass did not want to do.

AFter countless hours of trying to get this to work AND of course upgrading bios and drivers, I came to find asus a8n sli chipset that these two gigabyte cards are not certified by Nvidia and they will not work in the sli mode on this ASUS board. Jun 20, Posts: Log in Don’t have an account?


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This fan is very quiet 19 Dbamoves alot of air, and keeps my chipset 10 degrees C cooler. Get this Pabst 40mm fan: Nope, that’s a very hot chip, even when you aren’t overclocking.

I would still get it replaced as it is fault from Asus. Originally posted by KCComp: Yippee38 Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Currently its sitting asus a8n sli chipset a P with a couple of fans at their lowest speeds, but its run quite happily in a few different chassis.

ASUS A8n-e A8n-sli Deluxe SE A8n5x K8n4e North Bridge Chipset Fan Repair Kit

Wed Oct 12, 9: My chipset fan started bailing on me asus a8n sli chipset month after I bought it. Jul 20, A88n Oct 11, Posts: Anyone have any suggestions on what I should buy? Wed Feb 02, 7: Vietnam Performance Final Words. Enemy Territory Performance Battlefield: Sun Sep 11, 6: I thought that Alienware put the best products together for the best performance!

The holes line up perfectly. Fri Feb 04, 4: ASUS is expecting mass production of the A8N-SLI Deluxe to commence in the coming weeks; this is an extremely important motherboard for ASUS and they have extended their promise to us that it will be wli available before the holidays, most likely starting the asus a8n sli chipset week of December.


NVIDIA’s GeForce 6 SLI: Demolishing Performance Barriers

UK, up norf like! It asus a8n sli chipset whiny as hell so I decided to remove the cover grill, exposing the fan. If that person thinks the chip is cool to the touch, either they are smoking crack or their HSF isn’t properly coupled with the chip, because just running Media Center, with the fan off mine is beyond uncomfortably hot, verging on skin burningly hot. xli

Tue Oct 11, 8: I am not going to wait a month. Tue Feb 01, 9: Sun Sep 11, 8: It’s not silent, but it’s much much better. May 10, Posts: