Select “Install” to uninstall the driver. By pressing Phonebook button, following window will appear. Windows with Service Pack 3 for optimal performances. There are 4 optio ns and please refer to below for expla nations. RED Modem power on state. A window that disp lays a proper path of Driv er will appear.

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Select “Install from a list or specific location Advanced “. Click “Brower my computer fo r driver software advanced “. Sending Message h as failed. All Righ ts Reserved. The radiated output powe r of this device is below the FCC radio frequency exposure. When program has been succe ssfully in stalled, following window will display.

AnyDATA intros ADU-E100D USB EV-DO modem

This document can be subjected to revision without further notice. By pressing button, the selected message w ill cdmma ready to se nd to a new number.

Internet Connect Dial Numbe r. Press button t o move to next step. Click “Continue” when “User Account Control” is shown. Press button for ending the program installation.


This is install the Easy Wireless Net Program. Click “close” when the driver will be installed successfully as shown below. Press button to proc eed. Display the version for Easy Wireless Net program.

This device is co mpliant with the parameters of Specific. Press button to move to next st ep.

Click “Don’t search online” when shown below. A window that displays a proper path of Driver will.

Need to update following two 2 files from Micro soft site:. Displayed number will be e rased.

AnyDATA intros ADU-ED USB EV-DO modem

A window that displays a pr oper path of Dr iver will appear. RED Modem power on state. Pressing each button will tran sfer to approp riate screen.

Voice Mail and New Message arrive d. The basic configuration for connec t to the ne twork using EVDO modem.

Download and install Anydata corporation AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem PID 6502 driver

As shown below, click “Finish” then the driver will be uninstalled. Select “Search for a suitable driver for my device. Either the cable is discon nected to the modem or improper port conne ction. From the Easy Wireless Net program, by p ressing button will quit the program. By pressing button, cvma installat ion of Easy. During the running of the program, follo wing message appea rs and the program halts.


To restart the computer later, se lect “I want to manually reboot later”. This is a feature to store phone numbers anydaya uses often into RUIM and to make calls acco rdingly.