They can be a bit hard to find sometimes because they are stealthers so I suggest you hit “Tab” key while running around and open your eyes well humans use your racial ability perception. Kill ogres there until you have killed 8 Brutes and 8 Warlocks. Go west into the sea, until 24, Dalvish, I wouldn’t bother with caring too much about what quests you do and what not. Kill any Rogue Vale Screechers you find on the way and use Yeh’Kinya’s Bramble on their corpses, then talk to their spirit to free them.

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Vortex (Alliance)

The power core fragment next to Moxie always shoots energy at you so stay as much around that fragment as possible and pull oozes to it. Search for Mottled Drywallow Crocolisks.

Keep sticking to the right and you’ll find Colonel Kurzen at the end of alpiance cave, he has one Kurzen Subchief as guard, you’ll have to take them both at the same time, just use your cooldowns if necessary.

Then after another 10 seconds Mokk the Savage will run into the cave Level Go inside the cave at Marshall’s Refuge and go to the end of it where you’ll find a little gnome named J.

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Easy Driver Pro free alljance will find all the outdated drivers on your PC. A lot of work for such little recognition. Put your pet on: If you completed all 3 rescues you get and extra quest [50] An OOX of your own. Speak with The Vortex again after accepting the quest:.


You are kidding with this quest, right? Don’t even think about looting, you don’t have time. In short, don’t skip.

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They can be found at the auction house in the main cities and also at the booty bay auction. You lead us right to the next quest destination later, it’s right by the 3rd scroll of Kurzen’s Mystery. Go south to Featherbeard’s Hovel 13,54inside the house you’ll find a book, right-click it, turn in the quest and get the follow up [46] In Pursuit of Featherbeard. Beware of the wolf stalkers there though, they are stealthed, so be prepared for unexpected adds. I even restarted WoW just in case.

You will enter a big square room.

Try to always log out in an inn or in one of the major cities when you take a break. They look like white upside down plates. At level 49 it shouldn’t be too hard to solo it. You can only use the buster while you are energized by the blue rays though which are being shot by power core fragments.

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Status 1 week 6 qt24 ago RE: There you should see a big named raptor Goreclaw the Revenous. alkiance

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This will dissolve the oozes and you’ll get a quest update. Then click the Uldum pedestal again, complete the quest and get the follow up [50] Return to Ironforge. Turn in the quest and get the follow up: A full turn around the pool should be enough. You should be level 43 by now. I followed your guide exactly – but i did every instance till Uldaman at least once.

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I can’t edit some content as an admin! While Rizzle is away go quickly loot the Unguarded Plans.

Turn in [40] Barbecued Buzzard Wings at Rigglefuzz as well. Finally, after some web research, I found that this first part of the quest chain does not exist any more.

From there, face north and you should see the 3rd tablet “The Emperor’s Tomb”.