Belkin — F5D v2 Belkin Firmware. Crypto — F Conexant Firmware. Digicom — Michelangelo Wave Digicom Firmware. Bandluxe — R Bandluxe Firmware. Is this product missing categories? But aside from this feature, the device comes with Wireless-N technology with the maximum data transfer capacity of mbps.

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Default Router Passwords

The device also comes with a separate USB port for printer or file sharing. Belkin — F5D v3 Belkin Firmware. Actiontec — M Qwest v1 Firmware.

Digicom — 8E Digicom Firmware. Wi-Fi Router IPs Bandluxe airtues R Airteis Firmware. Loopcomm — LP Loopcomm Firmware. Asus — AM Asus Firmware. Davolink — DV Davolink Firmware. Belkin — F6D v3 Belkin Firmware. Beetel — BX Beetel Firmware. AirTies RT Air Belkin — F5D v1 Belkin Firmware. Instantaneous internet traffic is charted and monthly usage data compiled. The router is capable of transmitting 3 HD video streams simultaneously.


Digicom — Michelangelo Wave Digicom Firmware.

Crypto — WF Crypto Firmware. Abocom — WR Abocom Firmware. Kyocera — KR2 Kyocera Firmware.

Default Router Passwords | Default Router Admin IP Address

Ericsson — W25 Ericsson Firmware. Ambit — U10C Ambit Firmware. Belkin — F6D v2 Belkin Firmware.

Eltel — Broadtech v2 Eltel 140. Air offers a complete solution for home and business networking. Asmax — ARg Asmax Firmware. Kasda — V2Plus Kasda Firmware. Generic — 4-Port Email address subscribed successfully. As new features are added or as compatibility issues are resolved the RT firmware is automatically upgraded with permission from the end user. Aethra — SV Aethra Firmware.

Ativa — 54G Ativa Firmware. Belkin — F5D v3 Belkin v3. Digicom — Wavegate 54R Digicom Firmware. Jensen Scandinavia — Air: Crypto — F Crypto Firmware.

Aside from regular online connectivity, the router can also be used to connect up to two VoIP phones. Actiontec — RI Actiontec Firmware.