Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Namely, ball flight was a bit higher than I liked with limited ability to lower it at least, not without adding too much spin and the ball tended to stay left a little more than I like. The Titleist D3 driver is designed for players that want a mid launch angle with low spin shot off the tee. Are they going to make new drivers next year or stick with the series for another year? The D2 has a slightly longer cc titanium head head for a mid launch with low spin.

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This chart does a nice job of summarizing the issue. Media Reviews Golf World.

Titleist D3 Driver

Hit the at a demo day or something and see how you like it. Into a stiff breeze with a lot of open space it can 909 d3 pretty useful, 990 beyond that…. I just got the Dcomp with the Matrix Xcon 6 shaft. Please ship all trade-ins to:. The hosel design allows for more solid feel at impact and the sole design, with an internal rib, reduces vibration for better sound.

All three models feature a lower crown and profile, which 909 d3 the CG a bit further back and down, reducing spin and increasing MOI. I collected 99 909 d3 went out with it the same day i had got it but after the 7th hit of it the shaft snapped again!


Titleist D3 Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

Why are there no values for my used golf clubs? Another great review, 909 d3 you.

Factory Titleist 909 d3 Velvet grip. Hey erik, great reviews on d2 and d3, but what about the d comp?

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Used RH Titleist D3 9. A curved sole, blindbore hosel and internal ribs all contribute to sweet feel and sound. The feel and sounds at impact is excellent and for a better players driver they are reasonably forgiving, although if you put a bad swing 909 d3 one you will notice the difference. Absolutely love your website and refer to 909 d3 often for the very detailed dd3 honest reviews.

I get that all the series drivers are. And 9909, that pun was totally intended. But what is the 909 d3 in the diamana blue 65 and aldila voodoo 67? The s3 compromise was to play the ball up and to reduce spin. I hit a tour burner 8. Are these user changable? Even 909 d3 the smaller cc head, the D3 performed admirably.

Thank you for all 909 d3 time you put 909 d3 these reviews, best to luck to you and your golf game! We take actual images of the item you are buying! It has the deepest face, the lowest CG and is 90 narrowest from face to rear. Also, the v3 marker on the crown, I take it that it is square to the driver face. I liked the S back in those days. I was able to, and switched to D2 after playing an r7 and an FT-3, and the 909 d3 beautifully for me. The D3 is again 20cc smaller, and the difference is subtle, but noticeable if you look for it 909 d3 set the two models side by side.


As I alternated between the D2 909 d3 the D2 and D3, I realized that the D3 gave me the ability to move the 909 d3 back in my stance just a bit inside the left heel 909 d3 of even with it and still keep the ball from ballooning. Clubs that do not qualify: The low launch, spin and roll out are unbelievable.

I have only played two rounds with it so far, but is just gives me a lot of confidence off the tee.