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It is a lot of extra work for the Ubuntu kernel team to maintain out of tree patches. After reboots and power-downs, it is still working on one of the test platforms. Reply Reply as topic. Intel Corporation Device D Kernel driver in use: I don’t know if there have been any attempts to fix this in the mainline kernel. If you know, or anyone who reads this knows, please speak up and explain where to report this, and how to get it the attention it needs from the linux driver software engineer s.

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I think the new one maybe solves the problem as the one, released in January this year, solved the same problem, which occurred in Ubuntu 7.

Patrick Schueller pschuel wrote on No Link partner advertised auto-negotiation: Autonegotiate still seemed to work correctly with that patch installed too. Do you have a Gigabit router?

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The time now is Comment 10 Per Nystrom I don’t know if you tried it with GbE and if you also tried to actually transfer files. PAE lspci grep -i eth Seems to of fixed it!


Joined Oct 12, Messages 6, 1. This is the same behavior as with my Ubuntu 7.

And, in the properties, click on the power management tab Comment 16 Per Nystrom At that point, it will be wiped out and you will resort to the old driver and have to start all over again. So after booting a couple of times, I didn’t notice any failure of the Realtec C 8111c and I hope it will stay that way. This bug report is a duplicate of: Comment 23 Volnei Previous methods worked vos for the B series. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions.

Joined Apr 21, Messages 5, 1. Comment 7 Francois Romieu Comment 12 Jeff Layton Yes Advertised link modes: Unfortunately, due to the intermittent nature of the fault I’m unable to say either way with any certainty.

I will be happy to check, but I won’t be able to do it before Sat, 26 April. Hello, It seams to me I have the same problem, but with the latest 9. So, I then built an r module with that patch and shut down the box with that module installed.


Realtek 8111C Onboard problem

Nice I’ve been looking at that card, you think its worth it? Full If you are hoping to connect at Mbps, you will need to connect to a different switch or port that operates at Mbps.

When I try to browse my network, it gets very slow, and then no longer works on Ethernet. I would be 8111f to find out if IPV6 has only been introduced since Hardy or if it is implemented differently. This site requires JavaScript to fos enabled to function correctly, please enable it. From my reading, the following steps must be done after every kernel update although I’ve not got that far to try it. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i.