Then to use it on the Web, do this. I bought the same camera and am having the same problems. I can’t take this stress. HEy i happen to work at radioshack. Unlike cameras, your webcam does not have anyway to store photos.

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Yeah, there’s no off and on switch on the camera itself.

Using Iconcepts model DM with Linux

Sakar iConcepts Webcam -3 Questions. Denis Santerre Sat, 10 Nov It will come on when you run the ‘Webcam express’ application and be sure to set your capture device to ‘Soc PC Camera” in ‘Options’ Icon in the Upper right hand corner once the application is loaded.

If a slower computer or slower Internet connection is being used, you may experience poorer video reception and choppy video. It doesn’t say on the package it will work Page 20 My video reception seems poor. Webcam Maintenance or to access our technical support information on the phone. I guess I didnt catch it on sale cause I paid almost 30 for it lol.


This one has the same problem!!!! Table Of Contents Appendix B: Ok, i keep installing it the way it says too, but when i plug in my cam it says USB composite device or just USB device. Posted on Jan 27, Be the first to answer. After you get your camera installed properly, DO NOT unplug it from the USB port as it will cause the drivers to be corrupt and render the camera unusable till reinstalled it properly.


They sent me model N which I guess is the new ones that are compatible with Windows Vista.

Posted on Oct 01, Be the first to answer. I moved, plugged it back in Then to use it on the Web, do this. Then, on the bottom of the page click on Save.

Sakar iConcepts 49152 DM Owner’s Manual

I bought the same webcam with the same instruction manual. In order to adjust your audio and video settings, please follow the steps given below: Did your message disappear? How do I make sure I don’t lose important pictures?

The user manual is HERE. Your friends and Family will now be able to see and her to you. Seems on the 1st try the CD didn’t work correctly but with the 2nd try everything that was suppose to be there showed up just fine. Irasema Thu, 23 Jul My video reception seems poor.

Using Iconcepts model 49152-DM with Linux

After you start Windows Live Messenger, expand the view by clicking on the square on top left next to the red X. If everyone just lets it go Sakar will have a monumental scam with no penalty. Not finding what you are looking for?


Anyone have any suggestions. Oh, and no, I do not have a toggle 94152-dm on mine and it doesn’t have a six foot cord. You can now select the AVI video that appears on the left of the view screen.

It can be very hard to find when you do everything right and it still doesn’t work. Click button only once, please!